Music is a highly enjoyable and beneficial skill no matter your age. We’ve taught adults, children and even toddlers!

It may be that you’re looking to play for fun, social, music exams or even an edge with university applications, whatever your motivation you’re sure to find learning an instrument is a very rewarding experience.

I have been teaching extensively across South West London for eight years and during that time I’ve ran whole class instrumental projects, small group lessons for children and adults as well as lots of individual tuition.

If there is something specific you’d like to work on, such as singing and pitching, aural, theory or composition, be sure to let us know and we can get to work on your specific area of interest!

If you’re new to music and you’re not sure where to start, not to worry, we’ll organise a consultation lessons and take it from there.

We specialise in:





Music Theory


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